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it didn't really start as a love story

The funny thing about my love story is that it didn't really start as a love story. I'd been working at Target for about two years and I had a major crush on this greasy guy who smoked and was basically all around lame and not that friendly to me. Now Target always hires new people, but one usually doesn't take notice to most of them because they come and go. I remember the first time I saw him. Just thinking about how he walked in and looked sort of like a mouse. And strangely enough he wore dress shoes to a Target orientation. Through the coming months I interacted with him on a couple occasions. His name was Jens, which in itself intrigued me. He complimented my glasses and I think I gave him a peep once. One of those marshmallow things?

One night I went to a work gathering where we basically hung around and played pool. This was the first time I had ever talked to him in depth and I found him more interesting. But nothing had really changed. Later in the coming weeks he became more friendly with me. We ate lunch together and became friends on a popular social networking site. I eventually worked up enough courage to ask him to a concert and he got my number. He texted me and made attempts at talking to me on the phone even though I was shy. We eventually went on our date. We had fun and we kissed. I remember it vividly. How I was slightly embarrassed cause it was in a parking lot, but excited because it was my first kiss. It got more intense in the car. First make out session, please. But it was wonderful.

After, we talked more and went on more dates and hung out a lot. I got to know him in a span of a month, really well. One night he called to talk to me and say goodnight. After we hung up, he called back fifteen minutes later because his dad had a stroke and he didn't know what to do. His mom had taken his dad to the hospital and he was just in shock. I asked if he wanted to meet up and he said yes. So I snuck out of my house for the first time to console a scared twenty year old boy. When we met, he was a little teary, but he tried to be tough. We ended up kissing again and just holding each other on the grass in a Walmart parking lot. This would be our first anniversary. We started dating on April 23rd, 2009. Although this date represents a sad turn of events for his father, it's also the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me.

Everything was wonderful. The last months of my senior year of high school were pure bliss. Barely working and just focusing all of my time on and with Jens. He was so sweet and so wonderful. Just the memory of how fast he could hide in my closet and how lithe he was while climbing through my window, make me smile. We would press our luck when it came to my curfew, but I could always charm my mother. She would be mad I was out til four on school night, but she would always forgive me. When nights grew to be too much, or if he had work in the morning, he would come visit before work. Before school, before the day had started he would visit and hold and kiss me and wish with all his might that he didn't have to work. I didn't know then, but I was starting to get an inkling that I loved him.

I lost my virginity to him. It made me feel closer to him and I knew right then that I cared about him deeply. A couple days after, I was worried that we had taken it too far too fast. And we had a long discussion about it. He didn't want to move too fast because he knew that sex can ruin a relationship faster than it should be ruined. And right then, him telling me that he wanted me and not only for the physical stuff, I knew that I loved him.

People thought we had moved fast in our relationship. And sometimes when I thought about it, I was worried. When I compared myself to others, it did seem like we were moving a little fast. But I'm not like most people. I had serious relationships before, but none that were physical or meant that much to me.

I've since moved away and started college. Three hundred miles away. Four long long hours keep us apart. But weve kept it strong. Communication and numerous visits have made us what we are today. I will admit there have been rough times. Very rough, but the love was found again and it's like we just started dating. I'm continuing to learn about him more and more.

His dad has since made an almost full recovery. And we are still together. He just visited this past Valentines Day and it was perfect. Other girls are talking about their elaborate sappy gifts, while I'm here with a stuffed panda from Ikea. And I couldn't be happier. I always call him a sadpanda, when he's sad or grumpy. And while we were in Ikea, we found the perfect one. The saddest panda in the world. Not to mention, that the panda was from Ikea and Jens is Swedish. At any rate, I'll take my ten dollar sadpanda over any two hundred dollar pair of earrings.

It will be our one year anniversary in two months. I love him. I love him so much. I just wanted to share my story because long distance relationships are always being put down. And seem like a common topic to bash, but they can last. We have had our troubles, yes. But everything has drastically improved because of communication. It's the key.

I love you baby.


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