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i will return to my true love

I am a 28 yr old married woman. When I first met my husband I thought that my fairy tale had come true. Little did I know that I married a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide. I became pregnant with my second child, a daughter. I already had a 7 yr old son. While pregnant things between my husband and I became horrible. I couldn't even stand the sight of him. He made me angry all the time. After my daughter was born, she was life flighted to another hospital 4 hrs from home. She is still in the hospital now. She has been here for 2 months now. She will be here for a while. Since we have been here, my husband and I have seperated. Also, while we have been here......I FELL IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER MAN! Four days after my daughter arrived at this hospital....a baby boy was brought in the bed next to her. With him came an unmarried couple. I began to talk to them and get to know them. Come to find out they are as unhappy as my husband and I. I fell for the man and was hiding my feelings very well until one day I received a text message that said "SMILE, I love to see you smile" I did just that and I havent stopped since then. The messages continued that day and then he asked me if I believed in love at first sight. Although I do, I could not let him know. I have been burnt way too many times. Thats when he told me about the first time that he saw me. I was amazed at the detail that he remembered. However, our love has to remain a secret so that our families do not fall apart in this time of need. But being in his arms and feeling his lips on mine make my days being alone dealing with my daughters condition so much easier....I plan that once she is healthy and home...I will return to get my true love and build a family with him.


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