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it was like life itself has taken off

Usually, i don't get this weird feeling, but when i met him, it was like life itself has taken off. He had that cute smile, those dreamy eyes, and whenever you saw him, it just felt magical. Too bad he was one of those "players"
He's probably had like 5 or more girlfriends before I even knew him. Every girl wants him in simpler words. Sadly, I've been sucked into it too. I just can't help it, you know? And for some reason, I can't get him out of my mind. He's funny, cute, caring AND that type of annoying that makes him that much better. You couldn't have ask for a better man. He only knows my name though. He pretty friendly though. "Hey _____!" he would say if he passed by me during class. I always go head over heels when he says my name, but that's just him. He would say hi to everyone in school like they were best friends. I don't think i deserve this kind of torture though. Every thought in my mind is blocked by him. I can't keep focused even if i have the tiniest thought about him. If you've read what was above, you'd see the kind of blindness im going through. One part of me is wishing he'd come up to me and ask me to be his girlfriend, but the other half is saying to reject with every ounce of strength i have. The second half seems stronger thanks to the thought of him finding someone else, someone that's not me. I want to hold him, but i want to keep my pride too. I just hope I'll forget him someday. Forgetting is the only cure.


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