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When i see her i fall in love all over again

my love story is about someone very special like when i see her i fall in love all over again even though im in love already... i may be young but if this is what love feels like i love it, i know she loves me too. We meet at a dance we danced togehter all night and never left eachother, for some reason thats when it hit me i love this girl... i dont know her but she got something that makes me wanna talk to her and ask her....To be Mine? That answer was yes, now were 4months into our relationship happy and strong we may fight but at the end we love eachother nomatter what... when im with her i feel like im floating, i feel like shes my rain shes my sunshine, shes what i look forward to seeing every single day and when she leaves my side i feel so alone and sad but why idk i feel like she needs to be here with me every minute of my life... so do you think im in love i think iam, i know my story might not make sense but to me it does... how many guys can say they look forward to seeing there girlfriends every weekend like i can.. and when she kisses me its like something different every single time i love her with all my heart..... Thats my love story.. ill write back again when were married haha see yall later!


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