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God sent me an angel

I have this short little love story to tell that I hope everyone likes and I also hopes it helps others believe that true love is out there, especially when you STOP looking for it. About three years ago I met the guy that I'm with now. When we started off, it wasn't so great. At that time I was with someone else. I was seriously involved. He was good friends with the person I was with. Me and him did not get along well at all the first month or so of knowing each other, until I start trying to hook him up with females. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, right? I hate this guy, but yet Ima hook him up with someone. While hooking him up with many different females, somehow me and him begin to get a little closer with one another. He would tell me things about him that he wouldn't share with the other girls. He would share his deepest emotions with me and I felt everything he was saying, though he always spoke in slang, and I'm very proper. One day he actually try to get with me. He didn't think I should have been with my boyfriend and he didn't believe I was treated like I should have been treated. His words were, "You deserve better, I know I'm not perfect, but I'll try my damnest for you". I brushed him off, told my guy and me and him stopped talking. He still sent little letters to my house a couple months after we stopped talking, but thinking of how angry my guy was stopped me from writing or even speaking to him. I found out from one of the girls that I hooked him up with that he was still doing good, but they were still in their friends stage and she said it didn't seem like they were budging from that stage anytime too soon. Eventually both of them left my life, him and her. I moved to another state to find myself, I guess you could say. At the same time, I didn't realize what a test it would be for me and my guy, you know? We broke up within one month after I moved. That literally broke my heart. I can't express the lonliness that I felt and how many nights I cried myself to sleep. I have never felt pain like that in my entire life. Everyone in my life was telling me to get over it, cuz that just meant it wasn't real. Well, I just continue to do my own thing. I never went on second days with guys. I would still flirt, but I didn't want to go on second dates. I would always find something wrong with the guy, you know. Be like, he's lacking emotions. He's not silly enough. He doesn't like school. He has no goals. He has a kid. It was just numerous of things that kept me from going out on second dates. I never got passed the first dates. Well, eventually I just gave up on love literally. I felt like it wasn't meant for me to be loved by a man. Yeah, that's a depressing feeling. One summer day, a year and some after my move, my mother called me from my hometown and told me I got a letter. I asked who it was from and she told me the name and I literally dropped the phone and my heart start racing. The letter was from my ex-boyfriend, friend . . . the one who I used to hook up. She quickly mailed off the letter to me and he was basically asking how I was if me and my ex guy broke up were doing okay. In his letter he said he was just checking up on me and how the world was treating me. I quickly wrote him back asking him how he was. I started to remember how things between us were two years ago and how honest and deep we were with one another. We exchanged numbers and started to talk about everything. It was like he never ever left my life. We started to move extremely fast. First he told me that he never stopped caring, then he asked me to be his woman. I told him I wanted to try friends first, and he said us being friends would never do, cuz he loved me too much to just accept a friendship title on 'us'. I didn't want to move too fast, cuz love does hurt when it's not done right. He was very patient with me, but he never stop letting me know that he loved me or that he needed me in his life.

Now today we are doing so great as a engaged couple. I honestly didn't know how I was to be loved before him. Honestly. I didn't know I was supposed to feel this way every single day all day long. I stopped looking for love and God sent me an angel . . . cupid diffently went the distance when coming to me and him, don't you think?


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