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I brought out everything good in him

My guy used to be all thugged like. He was the type of guy that only cared about himself and his child. Made money the fast way, was a player-type. HE was the type of guy that I couldn't even bring home to my old fashioned grandmother and get an approval from her, you know. But at that time we were just friends anyway. While he was being all thuggish like and having so many females me and him were just cool. The talks we used to have showed a deeper side to his heart that honestly no one else seem to have saw, but I did. And though, he was doing a lot of foul crap in his life, I honestly saw the best in him. Well, finally one day he asked me what I wanted from a man and what do I expect from a good relationship. I told him everything . . . how I wanted to feel, what I expected from a real man, how I wanted my relationship to be, and I also told him all the things that I plan on offering in a relationship. I made it clear to him that I didn't want a six months relationship and I was looking for a long term thing . . . maybe even something that grows into marriage. And then I told him I honestly didn't think he could handle my wants and needs that I have, cuz I'm very spoiled and need lots of attention, and I honestly didn't want someone who just was all about staying in trouble. Well, he said he was going to make a believer out of me and everyone else who didn't think that me and him will ever be. He was out to prove them wrong, and prove me wrong and then say I told you so. I just smiled and told him I would be looking forward to hearing those words from him one day. I honestly cared about him, cuz he was always special to me. Well, as time went on he started making little changes in his life that only I would notice. He wasn't out late at night anymore. He stopped socializing with certain people who he knew would keep him in trouble. All those females . . . disappeared one by one. He got a real job and worked long and hard. He stopped fighting and cursing people out. He stopped smoking black and milds, when I told him that I didn't want to have kids with someone who smoked. He never actually changed his personality, he just changed some of the bad things in his life and made it better, you know? He asked me to be his girl and I accepted with a big smile on my face realizing that he did love me. I asked him if it felt better living the life that he knew that he should live, and he said yes. He said what feels good is loving me and not having to lie to me, cheat on me, sneak around, and just being the man that he knew I deserved. He said everything he does is for me, that I brought out everything good in him out . . . for the world to see. Now eight months down the road and me and him are still tighter than ever. He still works and we are now spending all our time together. Recently he proposed to me and asked me to be in his life forever. I honestly hesistate at first, but then after doing some serious thinking, I realized that he is such a special person. A lot of people want to tell me that I changed him, but I never changed him. I just told him what I wanted and needed out of both a man and a relationship. He choose to change his life around to give me those needs and wants that I knew I deserved. Like I said before, though, he never changed his personality, cuz that what made us become friends at first, you know? And his personality is also what made me love him so much, but realizing that he loves me so much to take every bad thing out his life for me, is what made me fall in love with him. Now we're getting married and now he is someone I could bring home and expect everyone to just see what I saw in him all along. And a few nights ago after he proposed, he said those those four words I didn't think I'll ever hear him say, "I told you so." All I could do was laugh, cuz he was so much of my opposite back then, but he was so right. He did tell me so, didn't he?


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