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he changed his signature to ask, your beautiful,and amazing,will you go out with me?

My best friend had been talking about this guy for a while,he was like a brother to her,nothing more,he seemed interesting but he was in tenth grade and I, in seventh. Well I thought he like her so one day I wrote him a note seeing if he did,he responded through e mail since his phone was broken...we talked for a while, for about a week,I would occasionally talk about my current boyfriend and he'd get quiet or act like he really didn't want to hear that so as a compulsion,I would make him jealous...well I wanted to see if he liked me so I told him I broke up with my current boyfriend…
so we talked for about an hour,the first thing he said was,"I wish I could be there for you." so towards the middle of the hour I said,"I'm tired of seventh grade guys,they're so immature and base a relationship on looks." then he said"yeah most seventh graders have a better personality than the tenth graders I know." after talking a little while longer he asked"Would you date a tenth grader…just wondering…"I had a feeling he wasn't just wondering but I said it depended on the tenth grader…he then said,well I'm in tenth grade…at that point it was reaching midnight and it was a Sunday so I had school, I said, I'm going to have to go soon so is there anything that you really wanb to ask me? He goes I have a question but I have no clue how to ask it…he said ,"maybe if I change my signature it'll help." he changed his signature to ask, your beautiful,and amazing,will you go out with me?
I have never met him and we've only been together for about a week but were already,passionatly in love,he is my heart,soul,and world, I trust him with my own life,and especially my heart,I know he loves me and respects me, I feel like I've met him before too…I feel like he knows everything and I know everything too, its so unreal,I keep a smile on my face now and he stays in my mind,I have no clue how I lived wihout him,I love you baby…….....


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