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i used to ignore him all the time.

I have all guy freinds in the college where i studied 2 years of computer course. That time no one else proposed me, except for his guy. He used to stare at me, wink at me from distance and i used to ignore him all the time. Then one day i just told my freinds that i am engaged which of course was a rumour. I did this to be on a safer-side as i come from a conservative family. All other guys took this news easily except for this guy. For the first time i saw him sitting at the corner away from my group of freinds.I could here some sounds like a kid is crying from where he was sitting. When i went near him, i was shocked to see tears in his eyes. That day i came to know that he liked me.I always took his love as a joke and that day too instead of comforting him, i just left him on his own.Then after two years when i graduated, i went to another college and changed my course. When i started academic year in my new college, that guy used to call me and we started dating. Then we became good freinds till our freindship turned into boyfreind-girlfreind relationship. Everytime he came to see me after my classess, he would kiss me everywhere on my body in his car and i loved it.Our meetings went on like this for days and days untill the start of the march break. During the march break my boyfreind went to montreal to enjoy the march brak with his freinds. We both lived in toronto, but the moment he went to montreal, i started missing him so badly that one day i cried as i recalled the days we spent in his car. This was the first time i realised that i was in love with this guy and i should not have ignored him when he first proposed me.


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