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To this day we both adore each other

Me and this guy Eric became the best of friends since some random day in November when my other best friend, Kayla introduced us. We saw each other every weekend because we both hung out at the same places. Before we met I knew he existed but never thought we would be as close as we are now, Well one day when i invited him to go bowling with me and Kayla he agreed to come. We all were having a blast! Until he told me that he liked me a lot out of nowhere. He said he pretty much fell in love with me when we both met. But Kayla used to go out with Eric and still liked him. Plus he was going out with one of the most popular girls in school. About a month later I realized that I was falling deeply in love with him. But me and him are in different grades, he is in 8th and i am in 7th. I dont want to lose him the year he goes to high school even if it is only for a year. So we talked about it again and surprisingly he felt the same. Except the fact that he was still going out with that other girl. I never felt like this about anyone i have ever dated before, and i never want to lose him even though he isnt mine to lose. We still liked each other after a while and he decided to break up with his girlfriend and get with me. But since he is a sucker for guilt trips his Girlfriend tricked him into getting back together with her. After all this happened he was sick and tired of her games so he broke up with her again, but didnt come to me. He went to another girl and they were together for about 2 weeks then broke up. I got my hopes high until he told me he was then going out with someone else from a different school. Me and him still loved each other no matter what because after that he told me we cant be together for a bit because he was so afraid to get with me and have the possibility of us breaking up, cause then our friendship would change and he doesnt want it to be where we never talk or we cant ever spend time with each other anymore. To this day we both adore each other and want to be together. And right now we still are talking about it.


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