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I went on a vacation to europe

After a very bad breakup, fighting with friends and suffering from winter depression I was in a slump, until I went on a vacation to Europe with my senior class To Greece, Italy, and Spain. Becuase it our tour was booked through an educational organization our group got paired with a group from America (I'm from Canada, but not the point) thats when i met Eric. He was an amazing guy and he made me feel so special and for the first time in months I was really happy, like truely happy. One night we were on a ferry to Italy and the top deck of the boat was completely deserted and that was where Eric and I had our first kiss and it was the best first kiss I have ever experienced. Throughout the trip we were together constantly, i would fall asleep on his shoulder on the buses and he would brush my hair out of my face and kiss my forehead and he said that when he did that i would smile in my sleep. But of course all good things must come to an end. The groups traveled together to the airport but my group had to leave almost as soon as we got there, so i had no time to say good bye to Eric, but (now here is the best part) when i was going down the escalator on the other side of customs Eric came racing down the stairs so say goodbye to everyone in the group. He came to me last, as soon as he wrapped his arms around me I instantly burst into tears. My friend practically had to tear me away from him, he whispered a goodbye in my ear and we departed and I havent seen him since. And I think about him everyday.


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