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He's my best friend.

I have this friend.
He's more than a friend, a boyfriend.
He's my best friend.
5 months, its been.
He's been my best friend for 5 months.
I'm so shy.
I don't like to show him how I feel.
But one night. I watched him play football.
Afterwards. We were talking and laughing.
It was a cold night.
I was cold and told him.
I thought he'd hug me, but nothing.
I just thought he didn't want to.
We stood for a while.
I peeked over to look at him.
He was looking at me.
I turned my head quickly away.
I smiled. :)
He smiled. :)
My hands were beside me.
I felt the warm feeling of skin against mine.
His fingers wove themselves around mine.
He stroked my fingers.
There was that feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I winced.
He saw this.
He pulled my hand.
He placed it on his chest.
I felt his heart beat.
I slowly moved my eyes up so they looked into his.
We smiled. :)
My best friend was there.
He thought this was the best way to show me.
The best way to show me he loved me.


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