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we met at at darien lake

we met at at darien lake, it was a sunny day i was with my friends and i was thirsty i walk off to get a drink and pass this beautiful girl, i look at her and she looks back we hold a gaze for a moment then i keep walking. Then some thing inside me says grow some balls and go talk to her, so i pop a U turn and start to catch up to her, i finally reach her but shes about 10 ft away she stares at me then looks away, and we play this i see you and you see me game for about 2 min then i walk to her and say wanna hang out haha then she says yes. long story short we spent the day together we exchanged numbers then we talked for days and days and fell in love with each other, finally we met again and knew we had something special, but she lived to far away and said she had to choose between what her heart wanted (me) and another guy who lived closer to her... she choose him :( weeks later i get a text from her saying shes loved me sense the first time we locked eyes my heart skipped a beat we now date and are in love plan to get engaged soon:)


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