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easily the prettiest in my class

7th grade
im really pretty for my age, easily the prettiest in my class, im also really girly. im friends with almost all the guys in my class. most of my bestfriends are guys.
i was at a valentines party hosted by my friend sasha, all the kids in our class were there. (the cool ones) we were playing truth or dare. everybody knows that no guys like me. guys always think of my as just 'one of the guys'. mitchell truthed sam to tell him who he liked. sam shly did. then laughing mitchell took out his phone and txted everybody in the room. i took out my phone and read the message. 'whyd the chicken cross the road?? to get to the other side' haha. i laughed, so stupid, so mitchell. everyone was laughing and gasping. sasha then asked me to go get the chips from the kitchen. agreeing i left the room. when i was pouring chips into a big bowl, someone came in. sam. my guy friend sam. he asked if i needed any help. i said no, i was good. he took a deep breath, then muttered somthing to himself i couldnt hear. next thing i know sam had spun me around to face him and said. " Lucie, i really like you. ive had a crush on you for a long time. will you please be my gf??" i was shocked, so used to being one of the guys, id never really thought of liking a guy, or of a guy liking me. thinking about it, sam would be good for me. he is really nice, hot, listens. he would be perfect boyfriend matieral. i slowly said yes. then we hugged. sam was grinning from ear to ear. haha. i took the bowl of chips in one arm and sam took my hand in the other. then we walked to the party room. as soon as the door opened everybody saw we were holding hands and then they started cheering. embarassed i blushed. our friends started chanting kiss her, kiss her, kiss her. so he did. not just a peck but a proper kiss. later when we were all sitting down we started playing truth or dare again. mitchell truthed me to tell what i thought of the txt i got. i said it was funny but he had to get better jokes. everyone started laughing. turns out mitchell txted me the bad joke and everyone else "Sam likes Lucie, he's going to ask her out... we need to get her out of the room. lol"
i burst out laughing. hahaha LoL

this is my love story, it was so sweet. sam and i are still dating, hahaha


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