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I have that can be explained two ways, 1 a poem the other a story right now I'll just post my poem then later I might add the story. All I can say to any kids If they are reading this is love hurts if you mess up it's designed in such a way where 1 can cant explain hmmm... oh heres sumthin love is the essence of ife without it we cant live everyones goal in life is to be loved even us kids we dream about it those that are goin through puberty feel it more than other stages of life except for the teenage years. everyone how ever dreams about finding true love. I myself have dreamt of it many times, I sit here as a 12 year old and love has scarred my life I mean when you see someone you like you take pleasure in just looking at them, am I right? And the next thing you know your trying to get to know them well this is a hard situation for us boys because we develop slower than girls and we can't get to know someone before we know ourselves. well I guess I should stop now I can go on and on I havent been in any relationships but I know a lot about love I see it as my gift from God to have an understanding heart and to be able to fully understand love and it's resposobilities beforwe I reach adulthood and even some adults dont fully understand what I'm talking about. well all in all I like to share my gifts with others I'm going to share two of them with you now one an understanding heart and two great poetry. Here is the poem I wrote on my 2nd rejection where I as a 7th grader got rejected by a fith grader I alo understand that love has no limits so I went foer her ok so um here's the poem enjoy and please don't cry.

My feelings for you
By: Bryce Damaso

The first time we met I could see,
that you and I werenít meant to be.
Your eyes were so gentle,
your smile so true,
When you first pushed away my hand I just knew.

Now the time has gone by
through sadness and tears,
these days I shall cherish for years upon years.

Those memories we have shall never fade,
for those are the steps that we have made.
That was the past,
the future is near,
I anxiously wait for what will appear.
No hope, more disaster, for you I fear,
You donít know how youíve hurt me, I have shed so many tears.
My words most times you donít even hear

I care about you in a way I canít explain
I donít know why I love you I wonder how I hide all my pain.
If thatís the way you want it to be fine Iíll back off
Itís ok.

I know that you donít love me,
you taunt me every day
I can make a good friend yes itís very true
but even as a friend you wont let me through

I see we canít even be friends as I think of you.
were so different, I begin to realize, Iím not you.
another thing I wonder is what did I do to you.
why are you mad at me was it because I stared the way I looked at you?

I know you think this is the end, why would I continue
but itís not I tell you I wont give up on you.
I donít know why you canít see nothing will ever change the way I feel about you. Iíll just wait somewhere far or near
I just want you to know that I will be there,
maybe now those words I say you will hear.

Itís like a scar and canít be changed donít worry I take my stupidity not you as the blame why did I like you what did I think I could do I donít even know who myself is, how could I get to know you.

I know I could add on to this poem forever itís scary but itís true
The reason why I end it now is so someone can hear me,
maybe even you. so that it is know what I went through.
Hold on, never mind, Iíll just keep this for me as my memory of you.


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