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we're seating t0gether in class,. :)
we talk, tease etc.
hahaha..'cos u kn0w,.the class teacher and the wh0le class kn0ws already..
last week.,we had our seating plan again..
my classmates doesn't like their new seating arrangements..BUT JUST SOME OF THEM
s0 in 2nd recess.,they talked t0 our class teacher..and s0me of my classmates..suggested that i must seat with TIM (the guy i like since the 1st year of High School)
and i said.."it's OK"..hahaha

then i go to the toilet...
after that,.i was classmate asked me.."d0 u really want t0 seat with him?!?"..then i said "ok!!"

then my classmateS tell the class teacher..and he asked me.
"DO U REALLY WANT TO SEAT WITH TIM????".,,then i said "YESSSS!!!"
LOL..i was blushing that time...and waving..'cos it'll be Chinese class that time..
and i'm a bit shy..

then my classmates was happy, clapping their hands..and saying "yehey!!"..LOL

then after lunch..
we changed our seat..and he was sch0cked :O

he d0esn't knew about'cos he was playing basketball that time w/ his friends..

LOL..that day was so ♥,

didn't xpect that we'll became seatmates..and even the CLASS TEACHER will know..


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