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i just only know his name is "WONG"

I've been liking a guy since last year..2009.. since 1st year of my High School life. Well,.this is my story..

It's Nov. 6,2009 it's Thursday. So i have t0 g0 t0 school. It's around 8:15 AM and It's time to line-up again class by class to the basketball court of our school TO TAKE THE ROLL-CALL (attendance). And it's prize giving ceremony so it's time to line-up for a long time. And then one day, the 1A class rewarded a certificate and I saw TIM but I doesn't even know his name yet. Suddenly when I saw him i was "LOVE AT 1ST SIGHT".. AND I SAID TO yOyO (THE GIRL WH0 STANDS @ MY BACK). "that b0y is s0 cute!!" i said it i think for 3 times and i asked his name when we go up in the classroom while im approaching my locker and yoyo said his name is "Wong Lok-Tin" (actually he's a chinese guy..and im a flipino). but i can't get it, i can't heard it! But i was keep asking YoYo what is his name in dismissal time. But i just only know his name is "WONG"..HAHAHA. bUT in that time i still have quite feelings to Jude (my ex crush). 'Cos that time i still have quite feelings for him/ It seems that i want him to be jealous. But until i really fell in-love with Tim. I just changed a guy \cos i think that i d0n\t have a chance for Jude anymore 'cos I know he likes Angela. But when the time comes that I TOTALLY FALL IN-LOVE to TIM. I seriously started being obsessed t0 him. My friends became different to my attitude 'cps Im always crazy everytime i see TIM.

THAT'S MY STORY WHEN I TOYALLY FALL IN-LOVE TO A GUY CRAZILY EVEN THOUGH I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIM THAT MUCH!!..and after that,.many people knows already in the 1st year hIGH sCHOOL level that I like him!!. :)


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