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Marriage and Canada

Three days after meeting the love of my life for the first time, we started dating... You know, 8th grader dating where you're "Going out" but no one has money or a car. Well, our relationship hit many rocky points but for some odd reason, we didn't want to part and we kept making it work. Our journey has smoothed out so much and we love each other unconditionally. But here's our dilemma...

We are getting married. No, it's not that we "just WANT to get married" we are going to, no matter what. And we're going to be wed when we are 18, February of 2012. The only problem is, we have no idea how to plan a wedding, and we have no money for a true wedding.

We're still teenagers and it's scary to think that we'll be on our own in less than two years with little help from family and friends (because we're young)
We're graduating a semester early from high school so we can settle at my 'parents's' house and find jobs until we... MOVE TO CANADA which is a whole other dilemma in itself!

What I'm really looking for is some advice, planning, relationship checklists, budget, how to get a college grant for an immigrant!

I never wanted to take the easy way out of anything, and this plan we've made together certainly fits our standards, fun, loving, and perfect.


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