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I never imagined falling for a girl that wild

*I'm going to keep the people in this story(true story) anonymous*
*I am a guy.*

I got my first job when I was 16th turning 17 in 7 month.
As usual I kept to myself just like school and didn't socialize, besides I worked with a lot of older people so we never had anything to talk about. One day Saturday morning(my first morning shift) I see this new girl. The manager sends me to help her so I go and ask her if she wanted my help. She was really nice so she taught me a lot about that job. She was basically my supervisor during that shift. We started talking, she was from same religious background as me, that was a plus since my parents wouldn't let me marry anyone from outside my religion. She was really hot. Skinny, dark black hair, beautiful face with no make up(just the way i like it)and glasses. When she took them off she looked hotter, when she put them back on she looked hotter then before! I don't know how that's possible but it's so d@mn true! Later on I found out she was 3 years older then me, and at that age 3 years seems like a lot, so I figured she wouldn't even be interested in me.

About 3 weeks later on a Sunday morning there was an other "new" girl I never worked with. Turns out I was going to work with her that day. She was basically the opposite of the girl#1. A little bit chubby, but nowhere near fat, blonde/green/pink hair(she dyed it a lot)and she wasn't from my religion which was ok with me. So we work and she started doing crazy stuff. Costumers would come to the store and ask for food and she would mix up their order on purpose. She did things to peoples order that she didn't like, which was really funny. She was basically a party girl, sometimes would come to work stoned or/and hammered out of her mind(but we didn't have managers in store at that shift. She was 17, 1 year older then me. She was wild unlike me but after a few days of working with her I opened up to her and we basically became best "buds", she called me bud a lot, "hey bud". So obviously after a few days of working with her I fall for her, which I thought was totally crazy. I never imagined falling for a girl that wild, or even be friends with someone like her, but I couldn't control my feelings.

So here I was 1 day with both of these amazing girls working together. It turned out they were friends. Girl#1 pretty much thought of me as a brother, but I still liked her. Girl#2 was of course my best bud.I hanged out with both of them a couple of times(not a date)but never had the guts to tell them anything, plus if they didn't like me back it would be really awkward. I'm really sorry for myself and the h@ll of the story that there was no happy ending. a few month later girl#1 left for college and quiet, girl#2 got an other job and we never spoke again :(. It's been well over a year and I still haven't talked to either one of them. I miss them both, and still love them. Still looking for closure because I'm really depressed, and I want to move on.


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