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I met this guy on WoW(online game)about three years ago when I was sitting in the starting blood elf starting inn bored out of my mind because i couldnt do any of my quests without dying a lot. I was about log off and go read a book when a lvl 6 mage ran in and saw me I waved and he waved back then asked me why I was there as I was lvl 13 and should have been in the next zone. "I'm bored," I said," and every time I try to do a quest I die." He said ahh and sat down next to me telling me that he was having the same problem on his main character. I asked what his main chacter was and he told me it was a death knight. "Are they fun to play?" I asked. "Yeah the damage is sick," he said," but it gets boring after a while." I laughed. We talked for hours sitting in the inn and walking around the safe parts of the zone. At one point he apoligized for his bad english and told me he was from Germany. I typed, " 0.o I hadnt even noticed." He laughed at that and our conversation continued until midnight my time and I told him I had to go to bed cuz I could barely keep my eyes open."Oh... c u tommorow?", he asked hopefuly. I responded," =D as soon as I wake up."

The next morning I woke up and half ran to my computer. After rushing through my homework(I was home schooled)I quickly logged on to WoW growling at the loading screen "I hate lag." After I finally logged in I instantly recieved a whisper saying "Good morning, sleepy head." I smiled to myself while wondering why my heart had done that wierd leap and why my stomach felt so strange. "Good morning," I said seeing him in the exact same spot I had left him and casually asked him if he had been there all night. He laughed and said no only most of it. He then asked me if I wanted to go to Undercity. I said yes.

In Undercity we talked about many of the same things we had the day before though I cannot remember what they were now. He suddenly sighed and told me he had to go to work. I sighed and said,"I have to leave to, I've got Thanksgiving dinner to help cook. So much work, so much tasty food *drools*." He laughed and said he hoped mine tasted good. I smiled and asked if I'd see him later that night. He said grinned and said I would. Just befor we both logged out he emoted me a kiss. My stomach was full of butterflies for the next hour before I forced my self to calm down.

After the dinner was cooked and eaten and I got back home. I logged on for a few secinds just to say good night as I was exausted. I waved at him when I saw him and he waved back. "I don't know about you but I am tired," he said. I sighed and nodded "Me too."

"C u tomorrow?" he asked.

I nodded,"See ya ltr"

We both logged out. The next morning I logged on and he wasn't there. I stayed on all day and he never logged on. This continued for a month before I got a message sayin friend removed from friends' list because chacter was deleted. I opened my friends' list and saw his name was gone. I haven't heard from him since.

Now every time i think of him there is deep pain in my heart accompanied by a strange fluttery feeling. Of one thing I am sure, I loved him. Even though we only knew each other for 2 days I loved him and those were the best 2 days of my life.


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