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The famous word called Love!

I am 15 and im sure i dont know anything about love but everything that happens to my life seems like a movie. There was a guy that i liked when i was 9 or 10 but he didnt like me and everyone was annoing us sayng : HAA they like eachother and all that as we all were very young. I moved to another place and didnt see him after that for 3 years maybe 4 .However i had to move to Ireland becouse at that time i lived in Latvia and when i moved to Ireland still remembered my first ,little crush.after a year of living in Ireland i went to Latvia for holidays and met my old best friend .She wanted to hang out with me and i decidet to do it so . We went outside and sat on the bench ,after a while i saw him walkin towards us and i couldnt belive that was him . He dint know that was me but when he asked what my name was and hearing my answer he was shocked. We started talkin more and became very close , he was very caring and he seemed like the guy i was waiting for but there always has to be something between us like a movie.. I had to go back to Ireland and he looking very sad was askin me to stay . The coversation kept goin on until i heard him sayn that he is movin to England in month and i knew then that i had to walk away and stop liking him becouse at the very last day its going to be harder to say goodbye. Last day and he said that he will be waiting for me near the shop at 4 o clock to say goodbye , i never came because we had to leave earlier to get on the plain on time . i had these big rocks in me and wasnt even allowed to cry encase someone sees me cryng and starts asking questions . I just quetly sat in the car looking out the window thinking of him . I was in Ireland and couldnt stop wondering if he still remembers me . However i started liking some guy a lot but felt nothing for him when i got the text from the guy that moved to England . He was on facebook once in 4 moths and there would be no-way to contact him . So there was my chance to talk to him but it felt very okward and still feels. Yesterday he asked for my msn and he said he loves me( as a friend i guess) because now i know he has a girlfriend. And the guy i really liked in my school keeps changing girls but not going out just meetin everyone and i dont think i want to be with a guy like that .. there is so many movies in my life that end sad that sometimes a stop to belive in it . The famous word called Love!


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