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The diamond ring is in that black velvet box

People walk in and out of your life. Most will leave scars on our hearts, some will teach us things and give us memories we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. Its hard to believe the people you love, the people you would do anything for, would break your heart along with all of their promises and walk away without hard to accept. After 3 years, 2 which we dated and 1 where we were engaged..he came up to me one day and said he had found someone else. He put a ring on MY finger, made a vow to me. But then he just changed his mind. The people you love the most, are the ones who can hurt you the worst. Time eases the pain, sometimes. But it can never erase it. never. Now that diamond ring is in that black velvet box, hidden away in one of my drawers, its nothing but a broken promise now. But i just cant bring myself to throw it away. After everything..i still cant.


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