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She's getting married Part 2

She's getting married Part 2

Yes, the wedding is still going, but I have no idea where it's going exactly. It's like my day has less than twenty-four hours in it, you know? There isn't enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to get done. My fiance and I did make somewhat of a list of things that needed to be done. We agree on the basic things for our wedding. We both want something small, tradition/unique, and in a beautiful garden. And that's basically the basic stuff. Honestly, I haven't been focusing too much on wedding plans, considering that I want to be in my hometown when I start making those plans. I don't want to do it in another state, so I just hope we could get everything together by the time the wedding does come around. On to some new things, we've been talking about our future a lot . . . of course! Trying to help each other deal with the stress in our life, cuz it's not just the distance that's killing us both. We're dealing with all kinds of crap, but we will be fine. I just know we will. Basically, nothing new is going on. I'm still getting married to the man of my dreams and he still makes me happy. What really makes me happy is when we both talk about our future long hours into the night. When I could express to him how I feel about certain things and he expresses himself to me. I really love the way he refers to me as his wife for everything . . . I know, I know, I'm about to be his wife, but it's like the sweetest way he says it that just have me smiling. And I especially love the way he calls me Mrs. M***y. I guess that's how all people feel when they about to get married . . . or maybe I'm just crazy like that, huh? All in all, it feels too good to know that my soulmate is here by my side forever. My friends do feel as though they are losing me to him, cuz my friends and I have so many girls nights out, you know? But I made it clear to them me being married wouldn't change who I am, or the fact that my friends means so much to me, cuz I've known them since grade school. I've known them since going to the petting zoo was something to get excited about, you know? They just feel as though that once I get married that it wouldn't be quite as many girls nights out as before, which is true, but I will always make time for them. There are a couple people that don't believe me and my guy should even be together. Those same people don't anything about the wedding. I refuse to tell them, because I have heard enough negativity from their mouths to give a f**k, so I just pretend that those people don't exist. I know it's bad to feel this way, but the way I feel about it is this, if people don't like the fact that I'm about to get married to the man who makes me happiest, then they could spread smoochies all over my butt. They could put a big grin on their face and pretend to be happy, because they don't honestly know how much he loves me. I mean, there are a few people who do know how much he loves me, cuz they could hear it in his voice or the way that he talks about me constantly . . . even to complete strangers! I stopped worrying a long time ago about who would be okay with it and who wouldn't, cuz I'm okay with it, in fact, I'm loving it.

But this was a little update and I'll be reunited with my fiance in exactly 30 days. We're both like a couple of kids waiting for chirstmas . . . and each day we hang up the phone with each other we tell each other how much more time we have. It's so sweet. I love him so much.


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