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He's Two Timing

I met him my freshman year. It wasn't love at first sight or even second or third sight. He won my heart through his humor and flirting. I thought that I'd finally found someone who would be devoted to me. I was talking to my friend about him when she starting making a weird face. When I asked she told me that he and this other girl were basically going out. This other girl had a history with him, memories, and they knew each other. I felt like a piece of me had been ripped out. This whole time he had told me he loved me, complimented me, but he was leading this other girl on too. The worst part was that she was my friend. I was determined to give him up. I stopped talking to him, im-ing him, looking at him, but I couldnt take it. I had fallen so hard and he consumed my thoughts constantly. I eventually started talking to him again and he tells me he loves me all the time but I still see him with her and I hurt inside. I dont want to make him choose because I feel like I dont want to know the answer. How can he toss my feelings around and not care? I'll never know but until then ill keep suffering silently.


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