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Fifteen and In Love

My state's "age of consent" is 18. I'm 15. Fell in love with a 25 year old when I was 14. We've known one another for 6 years though. Never in a million years did either one of us think we'd fall in love. We decided to wait til' I'm of legal age to have sex, which is fine. However, it seems to be too risky to even date. We love each other. He's done more "adult" like things since he's been with me than any other woman. Thing is, I don't want to lose my boy to jail but we also can't imagine us not being together. I don't think he should go to prison for loving someone, he didn't do anything wrong. My mental age is much older and his mental age is much younger. When you do self-evaluation, we balance each other out. If the law would take the time to observe us, they would see the love that everyone else sees. It kills me and him both inside that people think it's impossible for an adult to love a minor. That all the adult wants is sex and this isn't even the case. We just want to love each other without the risk of him going to jail. now is that so much to ask for? should he go to jail for loving me?


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