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Starting a Revolution

I'm here in school and a new kid comes along. We're both in the gifted program, so I have to get to know him. The guy has to learn my name for his mom. I get to know this guy and soon we are friends. I hear rumors that he likes me, but soon he's fell for a snob and I'm sore.

--years later--

He's found more friends and I am becoming more and more left out. We share interests, but he pays attention to his other friends more. His other friends have been my best friends since 2nd grade. Except for one. Well, now I'm in love with this guy and he texts me. I'm pretty sure that even though he doesn't pay the most attention to me, I'm his most trusted because he tells me his secrets. But now I know he likes some girl that he doesn't pay any attention to and one of my best friends! I am so heartbroken. I hurt inside always and I ignore him and we fight and I started a revolution against him.

But now we're friends again, and I still hurt. I'm taller than him and I tease too much. I think I'm going to try and change myself, or what? Now I live my life incast and outcast, but always heartsore...


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