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I Have a Crush

I met this really nice guy through the drama club. I thought he was cute and really funny. He was kind of dorky but no doubt that he was quite the comedian! We were some good friends as we joked around, but mainly he'd tell the jokes and I'd always laugh. We had roles which included us to work together in a scene.

A few weeks later, I started to like him. So I flirted with him and we talked a whole lot more. I told my friends of my crush and somehow, unfortunately, everyone in my grade found out about my crush so they would go up to me and ask if I actually had a crush on a 9th grader. They would tell me "Oh he's kind of ugly" and "Why would you like him" and I was not happy at all..... What I feel worst about is that they would literally come up to him and say "Hi! Aren't you A's boyfriend?" and that would embarrass him sooooooo much. I felt really bad about it and I tried to tell them to stop, but as usual, they wouldn't.... typical...

Towards the time when we were going to perform the play, I wasn't too happy because then I knew I wouldn't see him as often as I wanted because he was two grades above me.

Two months later, I was a bit discouraged because then, he didn't even spare me a glance or even say "hi." at all. When I talked to him, he said he just wanted to be friends, nothing more. I am still very upset by it, but my crush remains. I am waiting for him because if he should actually have feelings for me at all, I won't want to turn him down like he doesn't deserve.


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