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First Kiss

This is the story of a lake/park trail logs and my first kiss.

Today was exactly one month since i succeeded in my quest to get T to go out with me after 5 years of waiting.

It was an ordinary sunday, we met up around noon to walk around and talk. just as we did the week before and the one before that. as always our walk began just across the bridge on "our meeting bench" as i jog over t playfully states "your late". I retort "well did you have to find some saline before you came?" "shut up, lets go" says T "Ok" i say meekly as i take her hand.

today we decide to walk up to the overlook where there are some boyscout logs and circles. some useless chatting occupies us as we walk up to the overlook. halfway up T asks if we can sit on the swingy bench so we walk over sit down and i pull her into my arms. after looking out over the water for a while she spots a hawk being chased by a tiny bird we laugh. after ten minutes or so i suggest we move on she agrees and we keep walking. we soon reach the top of the overlook and my destination. A small private boyscout circle with numerous logs pushed into rows to form makeshift benches. i sit down on a log t however sits on the ground so i slide down next to her.

we take turns tossing sticks at various targets. When T says she's cold so i pull her onto my lap and wrap my arms around her waist. "better?" i ask sweetly at this she grabs my hand and squeezes it for a long time. we sit there quietly for and hour or so. i play with her hair and stroke her chin and cheek until i notice a toad hop toward us. When i alert her to its presence and she squeals in shock at its having gotten so close without her noticing. "you're good at distracting me" she states "yes i am" is all i say in response.

we watch the toad skitter into the grass. At this point i was feeling rather daring and decided to make a leap of faith. I turn her face toward mine look deep into her eyes and simply say "hey" then as she opens her mouth to respond i lean in and kiss her softly for a few seconds. when I pull away she says 'that was nice" and lays her head on my shoulder. i tighten my hold on her waist just a bit. when i look at my watch and see that we'd been here for almost two hours and sadly tell her we need to get moving. once we'd gotten about halfway to the bench i challenge her to a race. "whoever gets to the bench first gets a hug" You're on she says at that we take off i beat her and when i receive my reward she also gets a peck on the cheek.


when we get back to the bridge we happily part knowing we'll be seeing each other in class tomorrow.

This is the story of how my girlfriend and i gave each other our first real kisses.


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