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Love Hurts

i really dont know why im doin this , but ye ...i am so startin of , my first bf liked my best friend i was with him for... about a year no 11 months and 16 days , when its bin that long...its hard but u do it anyways cause its the right thing to do , right ?

second bf which was my first bfs friend ^^ this 1 changed my life ...god....! i still love him , always will , but he treated me like idk... and dumped me course , how he put it... oh!" i asked my friends gal out while i was drunk , and if i break her heart her bro will have my head " he said =s wtf!!! so i said alright saw that coming... although i didnt want it to .

third bf , which was the second 1s best friend =D ye i know , well we kept it a secret , he was kinda a rebounder ... although i didnt know it till it ended . well this dude fh! alright my mom had cancer and i was going through a hard time with all the brakin up and family problems and depression anyways... i made time 4 him when i could have been with my mom . spent a lota money on his Christmas present (he gave me nothing , said it was being imported) he ditched me on our 1 month anniversary ,christmas and new years , thats when i put my foot down and said alright wtf!!! ye...

then i went with the second 1 , again.... *sigh* ye i just , i love him ! well i gave him 1 more chance and he well messed up although in the process of him doin weed with his friends i was fallen 4 some1 else =P and thats number 4 but wait , not done with this guy ! alright ... i talked 2 him gave him so many warnins jet he did nothin , so i ended it . few months latter oh 1 month latter i hooked up with the love of my life =D he makes life so much easier ,what else could i ask for ^^ words cant explain the way i feel right now , although its only bin what 18 days ... i think , hope that hes the 1 ! i know he is , if he aint ... well thats why love hurts .


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