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Life is Hard

i fallen in love with a beautiful girl. i loved her so much every day & night but i was always conscious being in love with her for forever. every time i asked her to be with me but she was not promising me, when every i asked her for an answer she replied that yes she loves me.

but at last that horrible day came in my life and she got married with a boy, who was chosen by her parents. i felt that i have lost my whole life till now, more over i found myself helpless but now one was looking into my eyes how much i was having those days. then I decided to be very strong and though also. i thought that i will never love any one again more over either he is a boy or a girl i didn't want to keep relation with anyone.

but after an year again when i was feeling very lonely, gradually i changed my mood and view towards people i thought that every one is not equal and of same heart felling and i trusted i girl again we were known to each other since many years but it was very long distance relation but a day she come to my area to attend a marriage party. i was glad to see her in their. actually this party was in her relatives house only.

suddenly we started inclined towards each other. our love grew up very fast i forgot all previous bad thoughts which was killing me inside out every time. i felt so much relaxed in her arms. last time i couldn't give her my complete love but this time i wanted to be more clear and open and conscious too. so that i don't get hurt again. i was completely lost in her love and trusted her.

But there was something else going on the other hand and there was more worse life i had to see ahead which was unknown to me. but fate had stored something for me to hurt me again. this time she consoled me that we are going to be apart before death but i m completely scattered when i came to know that she has some else also in her life. that boy was in her relation, when i heard this i was shocked coz these this are rarely found in Hindus.

now i am at the verge of death. i am dieing every time/moment but it doesn't make any difference to her. now this time i wanna deny to every one that please don't feel anything for me i don't need love or relation. this life is suffocating me. the hardest work for me now is only taking these painful breaths. still i feel that i haven't said anything about my pain how much i have. this time i don't have tears to shed also, every thing gone. every word of this story is from the bottom of my heart.


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