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Waiting for Love

Love is a wonderful thing. We yearn for it, wish for it, want it, need it. It warms our hearts, makes us free within ourselves, makes us truly happy. But there are those times where you sit nestled within a warm, comfortable couch, content and sleepy, when you suddenly feel an ache within your chest. You close your eyes and imagine the warmth against your body instead as a pair of warm, powerful arms that circle your torso completely. You lean into it, and suddenly that ache slowly fades away like frost under the warm sun.

But then you open your eyes and remember, sadly, that it is only the couch that embraces you, and that you are alone. The ache returns, you know you are lonely, but...! There will be a pair of arms wrapped around you someday. You take comfort in that, and while the ache remains, it lessens, and you wait for that day where a pair of arms will hold you in a warm embrace.


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