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I was not interested in love. I wasn't until I reached 16 years old. I wasn't looking for it, either. But, it found me. I had gotten interested in online gaming, and making lots of friends, when I met him. The one for me...the only one in the whole world. I'm 17 and he's 20, but age doesn't matter. I met him on there, and we played together, yes, but..I realized I was not playing much anymore. I was talking. We talked, and talked. I loved everything that he said. The way he spoke enthralled me, the way he thought. We even blurt out the same things at the same time on many occasions. ESP, as we call it.

We went through the ritual of talking, day after day, for hours. I had some thoughts of it being sketchy, with the internet and all. I had come across many men with their pickup lines and nasty minds, but somehow, in my heart, I knew this was different. We ended up getting closer, sharing personal information, and showing our faces. He is so incredibly gorgeous. I would not have cared what he looked like, though, for our minds are forever linked.

He proposed to me, and I accepted. I feel like I'm melting with every second that I spend with him. We talk on the phone, and I sing songs for him...I love him so much. And he loves me. And we will love each other forever, I'm sure. I know since this is my first love, I shouldn't believe it'll all work out, but I know, deep inside, that it will. Only death shall do us part, and even then, our souls will stay together forever. <3


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