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Appreciate the Good

Do you ever meet someone and have such a deep emotional connection with them while at the same time knowing its not a healthy relationship?

I met him while I was a sophomore in college. I fell hard and deep that was 3 years ago. I'm still attached to him emotionally, sometimes I wonder why its so hard to let go when you know the relationship isnt worth it. Why put yourself through all the drama i don't know why I did because I'm tired.

I was lied to cheated on with several girls at one time and taken for a fool. I feel stupid cos i know what i am doing is stupid. My experience Left me bitter I just pray that God changes him cos i know this type of life cant be healthy and i know that he will one day regret the way he treated me.

I may not be the best person but I know I am not to be taken for granted. I have a feeling i made a mark in his life that he will never forget. I'm not like the other girls it may sound cliche but its the truth. I'm optimistic about the future I know its going to be brighter because sometimes in life u have to go through some bad things so that you appreciate the good when it comes.


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