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Forever Love

To have love someone so completely and so unconditionally at such a young age is incredibly rare. Having that desire to be there by one personís side, knowing that you would do anything for that person, knowing if you had to, you would die for the one you love is something that even some adults havenít found yet.

I am so blessed to have found someone that loves me this way, and that I feel the exactly the same for him is nothing short of a miracle. Coming from such an unloving family, from not knowing exactly what love was, from a parental standpoint or a loverís standpoint, itís amazing I was able to fall in love with him. Itís amazing how much Iíve grown because of him.
I was scared.

I didnít want to get hurt again, I didnít want someone else to betray or abandon me. Not only that, I have so much pride that I couldnít find it in my heart to trust anyone and to ask for helpÖ. I was so angry, so hurt, so blinded by fear that I ran from anything and anyone who wanted to help me. I felt like a small child that had been beaten to submission and had no way out but to run.
But thenÖI met C.

This was no love at first sight, no fairy tale of a love story, not a dream come true. This was how a real relationship should start.
Being friends.

He will always be my best friend because no one in the world knows me like he does. At first, that terrified me, knowing that someone knew me inside me out, knew what my quirks were, how I reacted in certain situations, how I have been hurt so many times and yet I still would somehow find myself reaching out for someone to be close to me, what I wanted to do with my life, and so much more. I was scared that once he knew who I really was and saw past the mask I had worn for years, heíd hate meÖheíd reject me, even as a friend. I was so scared that because I had been abused, because I was shy, because I was quiet, something so completely opposite from him, that he wouldnít find me as engaging as another personís company.

But he stayed with me. I donít think he ever really knew how much that meant to me. I always did my best to remain strong, to appear like I had everything under control, and he saw me and accepted me when I wasnít. I remember crying in the back room at Tís because of something that had happened between my parents and I. The last thing I wanted was for him, my friend and the guy I was steadily falling for, to see me crying. I was weakÖI was vulnerable and he was there for me. He doesnít know it, but that was one of the defining moments for me. Iím not saying I had just fallen for him but it was definitely a moment where I knew that he was a good man.

And now, after so little time, we are in love.

Iíve been asked, ďWhat do you see in him?Ē so many different times by numerous people. I never really gave them an answer because it was just too complex to tell them. My answer would have been too long.

There are 8 billion people in this world and the only person I want is him.
Never have two people, who were almost completely opposite from each other, meshed quite as perfectly as we do. Iím a writer (obviously), heís a speaker. Iím low-key, he sticks out like a banana in a bowl full of red apples. Iím brown, heís white. My family was abusive, his is loving and kind. Iím down-to-earth, his head is in the clouds. I really donít have anything, he has everything. I keep my opinions to myself, he states his whether or not it was asked for. Iím laid-back, heís hyper-active.

Despite all these opposite qualities, we are so in love, itís crazy weíre so young. He has a huge part of my heart and no matter what happens, I will always love him. I have never broken down like I have in front of him. Never has one person changed my life and outlook on life like he has. Because of him, I have grown to love myself completely and not hate myself like I had used to. I have learned to somewhat not always want to be the ďgo-toĒ girl because then I always get stepped on like a doormat. However, thatís actually a personality trait that will never go away, and he realized that.

Iíve learned to appreciate the little things in life, not to take life quite as seriously as I had, and to take things in stride. I still struggle with it to this day but he has taught me not to take on so much or blame things on myself because it isnít my fault.

I thank God every day for what He has given me. Though Iíve gone through some situations that arenít particularly fair, Iíve been so blessed to have C and his family in my life, guiding me and loving me. God has been amazing to me for giving me this wonderful time of my life. I am so thankful.

And even when he moves away and we break up, I will always be there for him. I will always love him unconditionally. No matter what, I know that Iíll be happy for whatever good comes his way and help him in whatever way I can if something bad happens too. There is no way for me to turn off this feeling of being in love with him, and my heart will forever be his. Even if I canít be with him in the way we are with each other now, he will always remain my best friend. Like Iíve said, he knows me like no one else does. Though my heart aches at the thought of losing my other half, dare I say my soul mate, someone who I honestly could see myself spending the rest of my life with (whether that scares him or not, I donít know), I know that he and I will always remain close, be it best friendsÖor more.

He is my forever love.


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