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Well, I met this amazing girl when I was 15, and yeah I know it was in a chatroom, but I really don't care what anyone says. It all started because she didn't know what my username meant. She asked, and I explained and then we just started talking about anything and everything. I made up lies about things I did just to impress her, because I thought she would think that I was lame. We hit it off as soon as we started talking, at the end of the night, I asked her as a joke for her number, and she ended up giving it to me.

Believe it or not, that night it was fate that we met because we both were depressed and were really close to doing something stupid, but that night we both went to bed smiling. We texted a few times that night, and then the next morning, we met in the same chat-room. And then she ended up giving me her msn adress. And then we showed eachother pictures and we started making up a little joke, saying that we were going through eachothers diaries, And we both now say that was just our way of saying that we were falling for eachother.

We talked and texted, for a couple of weeks non stop, and eventually I told her that I was falling for her and she said she was falling for me and it's been a whole year since then and we're more inlove than anyone could ever be with someone else. We're young but we know what we want, and I have friends telling me that it won't work out but we've been together for so long and we're still really strong. I want to marry this girl, and i want to start a family with her, she is my everything and I can't live without her because if I lost her I would kill myself because she's saved my life, she's given me a reason to live and wake up every day. She's my one and only. <3


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