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You'll Regret It

I can remember everything about you. You probably cant even remember what color my eyes are. You were my first love, my everything. I loved your voice, your laugh, everything about you. Your love could make me feel light as a feather. But then sometimes, you would completely break me. I gave you everything, you just strung me along. Making all these promises to me, our future, our life together. When you never had any intention of following your word. Finally i had enough, ended it for good. It nearly killed me, i knew that i loved you.. truly.. completely.

But i knew just the same that you weren't the one for me. It was one of the most painful things i have ever been through. Somehow i got through it. Looking back, i know in my heart that i did the right thing. I also know that i truly did love you, but if i didn't leave you while i had the strength, there would of been nothing left of me. You don't care about all the scars you left on my heart, you don't care about all the tears i cried over you, all the pain my heart went through, all the times i defended you, even when i hated you.

Now it's been a full 2 years, and i've learned that your now married. I hope she knows the mistake she's made. I hope someday you'll realize what you threw away so long ago, someday you'll think about me, and wish you could just say sorry..for all you put me through. Then it'll be too late, i'll have found the one who will love me in all the ways you never did.


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