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A rough life

this is my story...It was dark outside I was sitting at the school park laying on the grass looking at the stars wondering how I ended here it all started with my family my family problems started years before I was born my parent like most other couples argued but my dad was more aggressive he used to beat and abuse my mom while she was pregnant with me I'm just lucky he didn't hit her in the stomach or I'd be dead before I was even born but the beating continued

when I was almost eight months in my moms stomach my dad left my mom because she accused him of sleeping with my moms niece which was true but he never admitted it my. mom had nowhere of going she had problems with my uncle and aunt but she didn't have no one else other then her niece those were the only family she had so she went with my aunt.

after a couple weeks my dad took her back but still beat her and life went on. I was born and my mom and dad where there for me. i enjoyed life as a toddler and also loved all the family I had at the time only not knowing how bad they would all screw up in the future. my favorite cousin ended up stabbing a guy and running back to Mexico. his brother got locked up for fallin in love and not knowin her family was planin to put him away for somthing he never did. my other cousin left the states with his family because he didn't wanna get put away too after attempting to kill me to get money from my parent. my uncle killed himself after being divorced by my aunt then she left to Mexico too.

me well I just lost everyone and everything I had after a while my mom got tired and called the cops they took my dad away for two years for attempted murder in the first degree and that's how I ended growin up without my dad. so it was up to my mom to raise me on her own. she was pretty good with a low paying job. after my dad got out we moved into a small two room apartment. when I first met him I was a lil shy and scared of the way my mom talked bout him before he came out but he was really nice and I could tell he loved me until she and him had a fight and he left to go to the bar even though he doesn't drink much unless he's really stressed that was the night he crashed...and died.

even though he hit me and yelled at me I loved him he was the only friend I really had because everyone else I ever met would always turn against me and I knew he wouldn't forget about me he was always there for me when no one else was he was my best friend. and then the next morning I wake up to hear he was gone it hurt so much I jus fell apart that day so did my mom after that I stopped goin to school started smokin and drinking and got stuck in the life of a thug.

a few months after that I got in to a fight with a kids dad after robbing the kid with my friends. when his dad tried to hit me I struck him in the chest with a metal pipe I found he fell back and got hit by a car passin by. seeing the boy standin by his dad cryin brought back things I wanted to forget after that day they put me away for one year six months. when I got out my mom was already out of her sad faze and dating. I hated seeing her huggin and kissin all these guys I hated it so much but was tired of my life and everythin and didn't care bout anyone or anything until 6 months after I got out my mom got pregnant I was happy for the first time in years even though it wasn't fully blood related to me I knew I'd finally have someone to talk to.

but a couple weeks before he was due he died and for the second time I lost someone the only difference is that this time I gave up on bein sad and instead forgot it all I still kept drinking and smokin but got out of that gang.

I kept goin with my life tho went to school came home and hanged or did whatever but one day I came home too see my dads brother there well turns out my mother is now with my uncle he always tried to get me to call him dad but I never would he thinks buyin me expensive stuff is gonna make me like him but he doesn't understand me at all.

after all this stuff at the end of seventh grade I met the most amazin girl even tho I was fifteen and she was thirteen I couldn't help but start crushing on her but the more I got to know her the deeper this crush got. I found out that this girl has been through just as much stuff as me so a couple days ago I was textin her and we were both drunk so I asked her if she liked me more or my friend Alex she said him at that moment i understood that love only hurts and slows you down so this is my resolution I'm letting go I'm done and tired but know that somewhere down this road I'll finally be happy till then I just wait and this is my life till today my journey brought me to the same place I lost it all...


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