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im working in a resort and everyday i meet different the kind of girl who loves to have fun and always love to try new things....there is one guy that i met at the resort, he is cute, sweet and fun to be with...we drink, hang out together,and doing some stupid stuff....

until one night were at the bar and i just feel the connection between us..the way he looks at me, the way he touch my hand, i can feel it...and then that night i felt something for him...

the next morning i found out that he got a girlfriend,of course i feel bad about it..on their last night at the resort, we hang out again have few drinks, play pool....and we ended up drinking at their hotel...i dont know whats on my mind by that time i wanted to seduce him and i did....he start rubbing my arm, holding my hands...then i heard he said something to his friend "i want to but im not allowed"....he really likes me but he got a gf and i admired him so much for resisting the temptation that i had caused to him and at the same time i envy her gf coz she is very lucky to have a boyfriend like him very faithful....

how i wish i am his girlfriend,how i wish he could stay longer coz i really love to spend time with him and i wish someday he is going back here SINGLE so we could have a chance to each other.....i wish there is "US" next time around


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