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We Miss You

It's midnight, the house is silent but filled with my pain. Our 5 year old son is sleeping in his room, i know he's got your picture in his hands, he sleeps with it every night. It breaks my heart, knowing your gone forever.

There's a stone a few miles away, everyone told me that all i would need is time, but then the morning comes, and it hits me again. I cry these tears, write these letters to you. So i just take them to your grave, read them to you, praying that you hearing my words.

Without you here with me, i'm lost. I would give anything, just to hear your voice. It breaks my heart, to see our little boy, walk up to a piece of stone, he still can't understand why you will never read him anymore bedtime stories.

Everynight i see him get your picture from underneath his pillow and with tears in his eyes, he asks God for just one day with his daddy. This burning pain, is still tearing through my heart. We love and miss you every day. Someday we will be together again.


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