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You Set Me Free

As long as i live, i will never forget how blue the sky was that day. Or how happy i was, just me and you in your truck, the windows rolled down, your smile and the sunshine warmed my heart. We spent the whole day at the lake, just laughing and talking..little did i know it would be the last time.

That day, i gave you everything. My heart and so much more. You held my hand, and looked into my eyes, and told me that you loved me. You lied.

To this day, it haunts me, how easily you lied to me. How easily 6 months later, you would just pack your bags and leave. You used me, broke my heart, and walked away without a care for how you hurt me.

But that 3 years ago, and now i've found someone who does love me, and we're planning our forever and sometimes, when im alone, i think about you and smile...because you set me free. It's a shame, it could be you i'm marrying, but it's not. I've found my forever, you never will.


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