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Last summer my step brother took me to a party were i met my girlfriend. we spent the whole night together talking for hours and ended up sleeping together on the sofa (not sex) the next day i was so sad to see her go but i got her number and was confident that i would see her again some time soon.

We spent the next few months talking online and texting, only meeting every now and then for a short amount of time (hour or two) after getting to know her properly i let her know exactly how i felt and that i was deeply in love with her. she was convinced i was lying because she couldnt see how any one could love her (i dont know why girls do this lol) she told me the feeling wasn't mutual but we still continued to be good friends.

every day since she turned me down i was there for her. talking through her problems and stuff. always being someone she could rely on. i kept on trying my hardest to get her to fall for me but failed each attempt. it wasn't until Christmas day that year that i told her enough is enough im not going to try any more because i couldnt take the heart break any more. she broke down and told me that she had never loved any one before because she was scared to let any boy close to her. she told me that she loved me and although i wanted to stick to my decision


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