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I Miss Him

So, when i first met him i didnt think i would fall in love with him, and neither did he. But we started talking and after 2 years we finally decided that we were both in love and we couldn't be apart, so we started going out, during the school year i had to leave the country, and when i came back we where never the same and i only left for 1 week.

So after a while we broke up but we kept talking as if we were dating, but one day i said to myself i cant do this, and i knew i loved him but i told him that either he figure out what we were going to do, or he doesn't here from me again. he said he didnt know and we havnt spoke since.

Saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing i have ever had to do in my life and even though it hurt so much, i will go through all this pain all over again just to be with him for at least 5 mins or 5 seconds... is that crazy of me?


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