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I can't control it

At first I only liked him a bit and the same was for him, but during the course of our relationship I grew very fond of him. I don't know about him though. We broke up after a short while, he told me why, and I still don't understand his reasoning. I'm not over him, I want to be, but I just can't.

I've "started" his relationship with this girl that he now is in love with. Shes my friend and so is he. They're both happy, and thats good. They're broken up now but he is still madly in love with her, while I am madly in love with him. She doesn't like him back, and he probably doesn't like me back.

Most of my friends don't approve of him much, and I can understand why. But I can't stop loving him. We joke around, we flirt I guess. Every time I see him my hearts rises and my day turns much better. I think about him constantly and get a big smile on my face when he talks to me. I think its kinda obvious I like him, and I think he might know. But I wonder if he ever truly liked me.. Does he still? Will he ever? And I wonder if he'll keep chasing after her. A girl that doesn't want to be chased after by him. And I guess the same goes for me, I should stop holding on to someone who doesn't want to be held on to. All I'll do is fall.

Theres nothing special about him, he's kinda an ass to my friends, he has his faults... Yet i still love him dearly?

I can't stop.. Love is so confusing...

And there's always that third person

The one that you are jealous of, the one that doesn't even care that the love of your life loves them instead of you.

The one that he loves instead but doesn't love him back..

This is uncontrollable love, I can't control that I love him. I don't want to, I


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