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Waiting to Turn 18

I fell in love with an older guy. I was 14 and he was 18. We immediately were attracted to each other when we first met but tried not to be. Because it's against the law. He was my first everything.

We decided to have sex. My parents didn't know because i knew that they wouldn't approve.

One day something terrible happened. We stopped at a hotel to park because there were no parking places across the street. The police came because i guess they were patrolling the area. One thing lead to another and they called my parents cuz i was "trespassing". They asked how old i was and how old he was. I answered 14 and 18. They knew something else was going on. They got me to convince that we had a relationship and had sex and they arrested him.

In the end nothing bad happened to him he only got one year of probation. He really did love me, i know the law is there for a reason but age didn't matter for us. We are seeing other people now but we still talk almost daily. It's been almost a year since that horrible day with the police. I have loved him through thick and thin. And i will continue to. And we both are waiting for the day i turn 18 so we can be together. Because although we are in new relationships we both agree that we had something that was one in a million. I cant wait for the day i turn 18.


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