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Love at 13

So i had 4th period with this guy, but I just barely knew him, D. He'd poke me and other girls in the sides to bug us and he'd smile everytime I shrieked with laughter. D hung out with me A LOT on the last day of school, when i headed to 5th period he followed me there. and when we got there he asked me for my number, i gasped/blushed. But i gave it to him not expecting what was to come later... a few days into summer this year he texted me and said hey. I was pretty sure i had it all figured it out, i asked him do you like me and he asked me why I thought that and i told him. i said, you asked me for my number last day of school, you walked with me to class which you never do and you are texting me now. He said wow, you got it right.

i was pretty proud of myself then but we weren't finished! he kept texting me daily asking when he could see me again during the summer, he missed me and finally i said maybe. i didn't like him that much but i felt bad if i said no. i made up a percent thing. i only liked him about 23% out of 100% and dhe said oh. i told him not to worry and i said i'd add one percent every day and right now i'm at 49% but he's going out with another girl and he still texts me a lot his phone signature saying 1 <3 m which is the girl he's dating. but D still says he misses me and wants to see me sooooo much so i'll probably see him but i dont know if he'll like me or if he just wants to be friends.

We're only 13 and people say that if you're young you cant have a relationship, but i dont believe them. but absence does make the heart grow fonder, i have started feeling more...i dont know how to say it, but i feel more____toward him. i dont know if thats good or not, but yeah!



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