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He's Two Timing

i was running 15 when i first met him. and he was running 21 when he courted me. and here's the story of our journey to reality.

it was a cold night, i was on the store talking with my friends. i was texting with my one year boyfriend. we haven't met since we started our relationship. that night was our anniversary. guess what, in our whole relationship, 3 guys had become my bf's.

when i met my present bf, my life had changed. i stopped my vise on being a two timer. i was really serious on him.

on the night when we first met, he asked for my cellphone number. he told me that he and his gf broke up a week before we met. and there, we started being friends. on the next day, he fetched me up on our volleyball practice. and poof! we instantly became couples.

one day, something happened to us. and it was not what i wanted to do. i made a sin to god and to my parents. we did it for 3 time already. and i just recently knew that he and his gf never really broke up. he and his gf turned 1 year. i confronted him. i asked him on what's the truth. i was badly hurt.

he told me that his former gf just couldn't accept that they're through. and my foolish heart chose to believe. and now we're turning 6 months. and the matter that keeps on running on mind isn't answered yet!

and now, im definitely depresses.


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