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My best friend T has been friends with this guy named C since 2nd grade but he moved away in 3rd. we are now going into highschool. t started talking to C about a month ago for the first time since 2nd grade. we were chillin at a rodeo when t saw him. he, his brother, and his best friend were walking together.she told me to go look at them, soo i did. then i saw the most gorgeous guy in the whole entire world. i called dibs being the cool kid i am and t was freaking out saying that he was hers. haha, well turns out i was looking at his brother. later on t wanted to go sit by C and while we were up there i asked C if he had any brothers. then he pointed at his brother, the one i saw. i was freaking out inside. so C decides to be cool and was like im gunna introduce yall. i was nervous so i told him not too. so after the rodeo i went to t's house and C was texting her and he was like "whats h's number" and t gave it to him and was like "why" and he said "my bro wants it" and i freaked out. sooo i started texting him and before i even knew him he was like "hey. im gunna ask you out tomorrow" and i was like "alright?" and then we just talked for forever lol. and so the next day he was like "hey, you wanna go out" and i was like "yeah" and so we did haha. but i didnt think anything of it at first but as i started to get to know him alot better it was like ahhmazing. so we hung out alot and then 3 days later he had to go back to .... and i am an emotional wreck. why? it doesnt seem possible but yeah it is. trust me. it is...


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