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Distant Love

It was vacation when my sister gave me this guy's cp number. But I didn't bother texting him. I just saved his number. Then, after a few hours he texted me and it all started there. My sister had never met this guy before but she assured me he was nica and all. So I thought why not? He was so sweet and caring that I couldn't stop myself from falling for him. He made me feel so special. Every-friggin-day we texted each other. talking about anything. Then one day, while I was listening to Joe d Mango (In radio. Joe was reading a story and he would give his sound advice. I was addicted to his show) I don't know how our conversation became serious. He asked me if I liked him. I chose to be honest. Then he asked me if I want to be his GF. I said yes! Heck! I liked the guy so why not make it easier for both of us? He became sweeter and more caring. I felt so special.

He even moved to another school to be closed to me. Because you see I was bothered about how our relationship would work when he was so far away from me? So he moved. Everyday, I felt like i was in 7th heaven. Though, of course there were also times when we fought. Actually, I was always the one starting the fight and he was always the one who would apologize even if it was my fault. Everyday I would break up with him for different reasons.

Yes, you may think I 'm crazy. but what can I do? I was scared of everything. Scared of falling for him. He was my first boyfriend. And yes, I had never seen him yet. That was one of the reasons why I was scared but damn! It felt so good to be with him (even though we only communicated thru text)

After a month, we decided to meet. It was my aunt's birthday and we went to her house. Fortunately his boarding house is just near my Aunt's house. Just one ride.


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