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Sixteen Dating 21

well i was in my sopohmore year in high school, and my best friend she is a freshman and going to my school. i met her two years before i had started high school but we became best friends during the duration of high school we got really close did almost everything together, we even shared our religion we are both christians the only thing she went to church all the time and i was too but not so often

so one day she asked me to come to her church on a sunday and i was so excited.... so i went to church on that sunday with her and i was not planning on seeing someone i liked or thought of as cute plus i was in a relationship at the time but it was not very promising

anyways i was in church and when it ended i noticed a very handsome man behind a counter doing the music i had asked my friend who he was and she said o him his name is j but dont even think about it because he is very choosy when it comes to girls. he dates she has to be completely into god a good humble woman plus he is 21 and no one would ever accept that.

so to me that was a challenge. i like him and i want him so i am going to get him and prove that we are going to be together so i introduce my self and he tells me his name and asks me did i enjoy the service. i told him i did and i loved the way things were ran in that church and the people were so loving and i was talking so grown and flirty so he told my friend can i borrow your friend for a minute and i didnt even let her answer i was like yes you may.

so we spoke and then i left the church mesmerized. so two months went by and i was at a park and he was there to he had went after church to play some ball and he remembered me it was around 5 o clock we spoke the night away he went home around 11 i had told him more then i had ever told a man and he shared some things men would not even want to talk about.

after that i had gotten really attached to him and eager to be his so i had my best friend be the messenger get him number and his aim for me. i asked her to find out everything i told her abt out night and she was shocked so me and him tried not to rush into a relationship but i broke up with my not so promising boyfriend and me and him started going out and omg....

thats when it all started i called his house one time and his mom told me i was only 16 and i was not allowed to talk to her son which i agreed what is he doing talking to a sixteen year old but mentally he was not 21 but me and him clicked he is great with my family and friends and people who did know abt us loved us but wanted us to take it slow and others forbid us to be together they told us if ya cared about each other ya would wait he can get in trouble for being with you ...

i tried i really did try to stop us but i had never had a man go all out for me when ever i needed him he was there he picked me up from school almost every day he even helped me with my homework and tutored me. he came over my house we ate watched movies he has come on family trips with me but his mom still feels i am too young and some people even say that he deserves an older woman someone that is on the same level career wise not that he has to wait for me basically raise me but even though i was 16 i had the mentality of an older woman because i was exposed to a lot of stuff growing up.

so till this day im turning 18 we are still secretly together in some eyes and we are happy my family knows its just his and im sure she will get over it and im sure we will get to that point where she needs to know and be a part of me and his life

it hurts that everyone is against us but i have him and my family as long as he was sure about being with me all was well .


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