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He Played Me

every1 has a crush on someone but then they get over it. That happens to me all the time. i was the type of girl that gets what ever i want when ever i want.until some guy came along. i wouldent be called a bfs(boyfriend stealer) but in this case i was. the guy i like wasnt all that cute, but his personality you can never find in other type of guys. i wanted him and i knew i had to have him. so i started talking to him and flirting. then i found out he had a girlfriend, so i didnt know what to do. i kept flirting with him and every1 in my school realized that i liked him. finally he got the hint i like him but he had nothing to say. his gf didnt go to our school so she didnt know wat was going on.

one day my friends and i was playing truth or dare and they dared me to kiss the guy i like and of course i did. i was so hype cuz i always wanted to kiss him. then i wanted more. i wanted him. a week later his gf came to my school and was pissed off that i kissed her man. but i was trying to figure out how did she found out. me and her was going at it but it didnt get into a physical fight. at the end they still went out and i was still single. he didnt break up with her for me or anything. i knew at that time the feeling i had for him,he didnt had for me. thats what i thought.

summer went by and we stop talking for awhile. when another school year start he talked to me again. i could not help but start liking him again. i could not get over him. he broke up with that girl so i knew here was my shot to get to him.

one day when he came to my house, i looked through his picture and i found another girl face in all his picture. there was like 14 picture of her. then i started wondering y does he have so many picture of the same girl. then i found out he goes out wit her. in this story imma call her L. i was mad he went out with L cuz i dnt like her. so i wanted to do evil on her. i went to his old gf the one that was arguing wit me and told her. apperently she knew already and she was mad too cuz L and her was best friends and L went behind her back and took him from her.

all i put the clues together i found out L was the one who told his ex i kiss her and when me and her was going at it L thought that was the time to get him. my heart was broken then but apparently he stilled talk to me and flirt wit me and i could not help but do it back. when L found out about that she came to my face and we had a physical fight. she was mad at me cuz i did sexual things with him.

at the end i realize he still didnt want me but he did like me. he didnt like me as much as he loved L and i was mad. y would he kiss me and all that stuff with me while he goes out with L. he was just messing with me when he was bored. he didnt love me the way i loved him. i still could not get over him and i cant now even though he played me. i was just so stupid and i still am. he broke my heart nd i guess i cant always get what i want now.


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