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Childhood Sweethearts

Aha well my parents married young my dad lived with his mom and next door lived the family of the guy i now call my boyfriend. My grandma has always lived in the same neighborhood and every weekend we would go vist her, i remember going and seeing the cutest little boy i was only Five haha, funny right? I remember playing tag with him and being bossy, we would always argue for dumb things...

Later he became my best friend I was about 10. Everyone knew something was going to happen between us, his older sister would always say ohhh A likes D.. or the other way around haha. and we would be like NO! were just friends.

at age 12 he asked me out.. yeah little kids now a days huh? haha i was like "no my dad will kill me" and he got all sad and stuff !

at age 14 he asked me out again and i said yes. yup i was a freshman. you know in high school everyone starts getting their boyfriends. I really loved him.. i loved him like the bestest friend he was. he cared for me truly and didnt want anyone to hurt me....

we have so many child hood memories, my parents love him and his parents love me,, his family and my family get along great..

I am now 16 going on 17 and we havent broken up. Yes there has been problems but we fixed them hehe.. were going for 3 years. and being so young we fell in love, bc i see him as best friend first.. and he takes care of me like a brother would.. and still NO SEX. we're waiting till marriage.. haha but dont think were boring... we sure can have a great time.... going out on weekends and all that.. its just we dont need to have sex to love each other.. am i right? ITS YOUNG LOVE. he's my childhood best friend.. and now my boyfriend. that i truly love.


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